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Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance

Our personalized O&M service keeps your equipment performing optimally with ongoing inspections and annual care.

Solar technology is simple, elegant, and efficient. As a solid-state technology with no moving parts, solar requires very little maintenance. Nevertheless, Patriot Power Company offers comprehensive Operations & Maintenance service (O&M), including remote monitoring and field technician dispatch to ensure that your system is running seamlessly when our standard monitoring and warranty period comes to a close.

Our trained electricians and solar technicians use advanced monitoring, perform annual on-site inspections, and conduct preventative maintenance to maximize your production and ensure that your system is hitting financial targets.

Dedicated Service Teams

Our dedicated O&M teams have an in-depth understanding of the technology, equipment and energy goals of each project.

With remote monitoring and on-site service, our team optimizes the production, safe operation and investment value of each site.

Longterm Energy Partner

We’re here for you longterm, as your energy needs evolve. Our innovative approach to technology and drive for quality means continuous improvements in performance and costs.

We will be by your side to optimize your production and provide cost-effective energy solutions to keep you in a powerful position.

Customize your O&M plan.

We partner with you to create a service plan aligned with the needs of your solar project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) consists of services necessary to keep your energy equipment performing optimally. Ensuring that your solar or energy storage components perform according to specifications is critical to hitting the financial targets outlined in your solar contract.

Patriot Power Company offers remote monitoring service and standard on-site inspections. We also offer in-depth specialty services for larger and technologically complex arrays. Specialty O&M services include network programming for AI-enabled equipment, on-site service and inspections, spare parts inventory, emergency dispatch, and training for plant operators.

Our standard solar contracts include five-year proactive monitoring services from the project commissioning date, plus a two-year construction warranty. Following this period, O&M fees are the responsibility of the project owner. O&M expenses are modeled into your ROI forecasts to give you a realistic cost of owning and operating an energy asset. Your dedicated service team will outline a detailed service plan based on the equipment used in your installation.
For larger installation 1 MW+, additional O&M services may be required following system commissioning.


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    *Estimated 25 year utility savings are above and beyond the installed system cost with incentives, and are based on current utility electrical rates and predicted future utility rates. Production data is based on NREL and PV Watts.

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