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Our financial offerings are tailored to your needs

We offer financing options for solar solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Our team serves our clients as advisors: with each project, we make sure that you achieve both financial and energy goals. We partner with you to design a reliable energy solution that empowers your future

Lead your business into the future with solar.

High-Yield Investing

Commercial solar typically earns 18-24% rate of return with a 4.6 year return on investment.

Earn Recognition

Make your company shine. We help businesses create award-winning solar projects.

Turn-Key Service

We handle everything from start to finish and provide ongoing monitoring and support.

Capital Purchase

A capital purchase is a straightforward transaction wherein the customer purchases a solar installation directly from Patriot Power Company. The solar equipment becomes an asset on the balance sheet. The customer benefits from all available federal and state tax credits and will responsible for maintenance after the warranty period ends. Patriot Power Company offers maintenance plans tailored to the needs of each customer.

0% Financing

In our streamlined 0% financing option, a customer purchases a solar installation at a slightly higher contract price. This contract price includes front-loaded interest payments for the loan term which are deductible by state and federal tax incentives. The transaction is recorded on the customer’s balance sheet. This financing option is subject credit approval and requires a review of the customer’s finances.

Operating Lease

In an operating lease, the customer rents solar energy equipment from a finance partner at a fixed price, typically lower than current utility electrical rates. The financier owns the solar equipment and captures any available tax credits. The cost of the system is not recorded on the customer’s balance sheet, however, lease payments can be a tax deduction.

Operating lease terms are typically 7 years. At the end of the lease period, the customer purchases the solar installation at 15% of the original total system cost. Patriot Power Company designs, constructs, and maintains the solar installation for the lease period. Operating leases are typically subject to credit approval and require a review of the customer’s finances.

Power Purchase Agreement

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows a customer to purchase electricity generated by a solar installation over a contract period, typically 20 years. The cost per kWh generated is locked in at the beginning of the contract and provides consistent costs of electricity for the term of the agreement.

The solar is owned by a financier who contracts Patriot Power Company to design, construct and maintain the array over the term of the agreement. The project financier benefits from all federal and state tax credits. The customer will have the option to purchase the solar equipment for a “buy-out” price at set times during the duration of the agreement.

FinanceLeasePower Purchase AgreementPurchase
StrenghtsSecond best savings & ROI, Low or no upfront cost, worry free reliability
"No upfront costs, payments are tax deductible,
worry free reliability"
"No upfront costs, savings begin day one,
long term energy savings, worry free reliability"
Greatest energy savings & fastest ROI
WeaknessesLarger total project cost
No solar tax credit, system purchase at contract end
Lowest savings, high credit standards
Highest initial cost, owner responsible for O&M
System OwnershipProperty Owner
Property Owner
Initial Cost$0 or low cost
Highest initial cost
Solar Tax CreditsProperty Owner
Property Owner
Term10-20 years
7-10 years, purchase required at the end for reduced rate
20-25 years
10-25 years
Monthly based on use discounted from utility
System Capacity5kW+
9 kW+
30 kW+
No limitations
Operation & MaintnenceFinancier
Property Owner

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    *Estimated 25 year utility savings are above and beyond the installed system cost with incentives, and are based on current utility electrical rates and predicted future utility rates. Production data is based on NREL and PV Watts.

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